Police: DNA leads to arrest of man accused of breaking into homes during Hurricane Irma

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Derek Dallesandro (PBSO)

Ripped off when everyone was most vulnerable.

Hurricane Irma caused many of us to evacuate to safety and authorities say that’s when Derek Dallesandro man preyed on people's vulnerability, breaking into homes.

Deputies say DNA evidence lead them to Dallesandro, who is now behind bars.

When Hurricane Irma was at its worst and many families fled north for protection, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office says that’s when Dallesandro decided to strike, burglarizing multiple homes at the Sand and Sea Mobile Home Park in Boynton Beach, including the home of a single mother.

“He violated my house, almost broke my door,” said one victim who didn't want to be identified.

The victim says Dallesandro broke her windows, ransacked her home and stole her TV.

“He took not only our TV, he took our privacy, he took our tranquility, our peace,” she said.

The incident left her family shocked and scared. In fear for her children’s safety, she moved away.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office investigated the incident and they determined there were eight burglaries at the mobile home park during the state of emergency.

Deputies found blood at three of them.

Authorities say the blood matched DNA in their database for Dallesandro. To ensure they had the right man, a judge signed off on a DNA search warrant for Dallesandro. After retrieving it and meticulous testing, the sheriff’s office locked up Dallesandro.

Authorities booked Dallesandro with three counts of larceny and three counts of burglary during a state of emergency.

All counts are felonies.