Police officer saves baby trapped in hot car in Stuart

Police officer saves baby trapped in hot car in Stuart (Stuart Police Department){ }

A local mother is breathing a sigh of relief after an officer saved her infant from a hot car.

New video obtained by CBS12 News shows the moment her daughter, Maddy, was rescued.

Christina Tufford uses the remote start option on her SUV often. The function requires her to click lock twice, then start.

But in July, she used it while her key was inside the car, locking the car while her keys and Maddy were inside.

“The A/C was running, but I knew I only had a matter minutes before the vehicle shuts off,” Tufford said.

In a panic, Tufford attempted to call Onstar to reactivate her services so they could unlock the car.

“I said I’ll do whatever it takes, my child is still inside and it’s going to shut off soon,” she said.

Time was of the essence, but they told her they couldn’t because of the connection function is inside the car.

By the time the officer arrived, the A/C shut off.

The temperature started rising, the tow truck was unable to get the door open and to add to the perfect storm, the responding officer couldn’t find his window punch.

“She was kinda lifeless and you could see the sweat beating off of her,” Tufford said.

Then 16 minutes into this ordeal, a random woman came with a window punch the same moment the officer found his, and fresh air started to fill the car.

It’s a moment Maddy’s parents never want to relive again.

Now they keep a window punch on the outside of the car, so if all else fails, they can take matters into her own hands.

Because a squeeze from Maddy is priceless.

“I’m extremely thankful. I definitely see things in a new light,” Tufford said.

Stuart police says going forward, that responding officer will know exactly where is window punch is.

CBS12 News reached out to Onstar and the Chevy manufacturer to see if anything on their end will change, such as the connection functionality for Onstar and the remote start command on the key fob function.