Police searching for man accused of trying to abduct child in Boca Raton

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Police searching for man accused of trying to abduct child in Boca Raton (WPEC)

Boca Raton police are looking for a man accused of trying to abduct a child over the weekend.

Investigators say the incident happened Jan. 11 shortly after 6 p.m.

The 11-year-old boy was riding his bike to a friend's house just down the road from where he lives.

"It's probably like a 1-minute bike ride," his mother told CBS12.

His parents say he's done it countless times before. On Saturday, when the boy turned from Via Cabana onto Cocoanut Road something strange happened.

“On his way there a car approached him from behind on the street while he was riding his bike and the man in the car asked him if he would like to go with him to buy some candy," said Dan Grosswald, the boy's father.

Investigators say the man also asked the boy to get in his car.

Grosswald says it scared his son so much that he raced to his friend's house.

When the boy pulled into Marcy Crow's driveway he was very shaken-up.

“He was nervous," Crow said. "He was starting to cry and get upset about it and realizing what a big deal it was.”

According to detectives, when the boy pulled into Crow's yard the car sped off.

Crow tells CBS12 she, unfortunately, didn't get a look at the vehicle.

Moments later the Grosswald's got a call about what happened.

“We were scared and a little bit of a panicked,” Grosswald told CBS12.

Investigators have since canvassed the area searching for home security footage that may have caught a red 4 door car on camera.

While a suspect hasn't been identified, the neighborhood is working together to keep a closer eye on their kids.

"We would like for this danger not to be present in our neighborhood and our community," Grosswald said. "So we hope that they either catch him or he leaves town and goes somewhere else and not bother our children or any children.”

The car is described as an older red four-door vehicle driven by an older white man, according to police.

Anyone with information on his case is asked to call Detective Kingman at 561-620-6096.