Report: Teen involved in deadly Gardens stabbing spree made international school threats

Corey Johnson_web.jpg
Corey Johnson is the suspect in a triple stabbing that left one juvenile dead in the BallenIsles neighborhood of Palm Beach Gardens. (WPEC)

Local law enforcement and federal agents have met to discuss charging 17-year-old Corey B. Johnson, the teen accused of stabbing three people -- killing one -- on Monday, Jupiter police said.

In January 2017, FBI agents and police said he made several threats via Instagram to McAuley Catholic High School in England, according to a police report. The threats were apparently so severe, that "up to 100 students were removed" from the school due to fear of some kind of attack.

Johnson also allegedly had "terrorist ideologies" dating back to 7th and 8th grades. Authorities were told he has violent tendencies, supports ISIS and the Oklahoma City bombings, as well as a fascination for dictators like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Kim Jung Un.

Johnson's family said he recently discovered Islam and has been studying the Quran, police said. He also had similar beliefs as the KKK.

FBI agents ordered him to stop all social media activities related to ISIS and McAuley Catholic High, according to police. However, Johnson had made some online posts that caused the FBI and the U.S. Attorney's Office to officially charge him.

The case is still active.