Preschoolers embrace student back from the Bahamas in viral video

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Video of embrace goes viral. (WPEC)

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. (WPEC) -- In a viral video making the rounds on social media and national television, preschoolers in South Florida surround their classmate, three-year-old Makai Simmons, happy to see he is safe from Hurricane Dorian.

His mother Tekara Capron captured the video and posted it to her Instagram page, hoping it would make her family still in the Bahamas smile.

It turns out thousands of others loved it too — and now Capron is trying to keep up with the comments and media appearances to talk about her family’s survival story.

Capron told CBS12 News that she always returns to her home in the Bahamas during holidays, and was staying with her grandmother in Freeport when Hurricane Dorian hit.

Her three year old son likened the hurricane to a “monster,” and was very scared.

Luckily, everyone in their family survived. Their homes have flooding damage.

Capron and her son waited for 13 hours in the heat to try and get on a boat back to Florida and returned to Broward County last weekend.

While her son will have to process the trauma of the storm, Capron said she is comforted to know his classmates are surrounding him with love and support.

"For me as a mom that really touched me because I know what he went through firsthand," said Capron. "For him to get that support... made me feel better to know he has that love and support at school."