Protecting President Trump a day after his vulgar comments

trump town 1.PNG
President Trump is in town a day after his vulgar comments. (WPEC)

President Trump touched down just before seven o’clock Friday night at Palm Beach International airport. It’s been more than 24 hours since he allegedly made vulgar comments, referring to Haiti, El Salvador and African nations as ***-hole countries.

Timothy Miller was a member of the Secret Service for seven years. During his tenure, he protected five presidents, two sitting and three former ones.

“Part of your responsibility on day one is to recognize your job may be to sacrifice your job for the president,” said Miller who now owns a security consulting company called LionHeart International Services Group in West Palm Beach.

During a closed-door meeting on Thursday, some lawmakers say the president described Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations as ***-hole Countries. The president denies the accusation but remains under a cloud of controversy.

“I will tell you that any rhetoric that stirs people up is not helpful, for the Secret Service, but the Secret Service is apolitical, their job is to keep him[President Trump] safe,” Miller. Miller says keeping President Trump at Mar-a-Lago safe isn’t as easy as it is in Washington D.C. “I certainly think that being in an area outside the White House complex, wherever it creates unique challenges for the Secret Service,” said Miller.

It’s the 12th time President Trump has visited the winter white house since becoming president, and again local law enforcement is pushed into overdrive with more overtime. It’s one of the reasons the Sheriff’s office is asking the federal government to designate Mar-a-Lago as a high-risk critical asset so they can get more money and continue working alongside the Secret Service.

“It’s not possible to have perfect security, but the Secret Service is pretty good at using the tools and resources that they have to guarantee the president is as safe as he can be,” said Miller.