Questions remain after online voting registration glitch

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Questions remain after online voting registration glitch (WPEC)

Many questions remain after more than 100 people reported having problems registering to vote online.

Palm Beach County had the majority of the complaints, and now people want a deadline extension.

Susan Bucher, the county’s Supervisor of Elections says she could not be on camera because Tuesday’s complaints had her so busy, she couldn’t get any work done.

Now she wants answers from the state.

Tuesday staff at Palm Beach County’s main Supervisor of Elections Office stayed at work an extra two hours.

Bucher says she made the decision after receiving numerous complaints that the registration website wasn’t working. She says the office owes it to constituents like Gwynne Chesher, who's been working to register people for months.

“We don’t have a democracy if we don’t have representation," Chesher said. "Voting is the only way you’re going to get your voice heard."

The problems started Saturday.

By Tuesday, Florida’s Division of Elections fixed the problem.

They called the problems intermittent and blamed it on the surge of traffic on the site, saying the registration was successful overall.

But Bucher says the opposite; she says only five people in Palm Beach County registered to vote online in the days leading up to the deadline.

Usually, that number is in the thousands.

CBS12 News reached out to all Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River and Okeechobee counties.

St. Lucie and Indian River reported no complaints, while Martin and Okeechobee reported about a dozen.

However, those counties say the state never notified them about any problems.

Both CBS12 News and the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections have requested the total amount of complaints from the state to see if the glitch was a statewide issue.

However, the response may be delayed because the office was delayed because of Hurricane Michael.

Bucher says at the very least, Palm Beach County should get a deadline extension.