Santaluces High School seniors first to graduate with added security at Expo Center

grad 1.jpeg
Santaluces High School graduation. (WPEC)

It's an exciting time of year in Palm Beach County as thousands of students plan to walk across the "Expo Center" stage at the South Florida Fairgrounds to accept diplomas.

Santaluces High School was the first of 32 schools to kick off the celebration on Wednesday at the fairgrounds with the new security measures in place.

"The security looks good today it’s great! I feel wonderful," explained Jeannie Tovar, mother of a graduating senior.

To keep everyone safe, the Palm Beach School District spent all year planning. Some of the security features, include:

  • Metal detectors.
  • Wanding and bag searches, if necessary.
  • A security team comprised of School District Police Officers and Palm Beach County Sheriff Deputies.
  • Staff members strategically placed throughout the building.
  • Separate entrances for students and family.

Tovar's graduate, Victoria, also said she felt safe with the added security.

"I feel very safe this year. I hope they do their job,' laughed Victoria.

Now she can begin her future at Palm Beach State College on a high note.

Officials with the District warn not bring guns, knives, air horns, or balloons inside. They also recommend arriving two hours early.