Scott says communication is key this hurricane season

Hurricane conference.jpg
Scott says communication is key this hurricane season. (WPEC)

This hurricane season be prepared!

Those are the words of Governor Rick Scott who spoke at the Governor’s Hurricane Conference Wednesday morning at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.

Since Hurricane Irma, the Governor said the most important issue that needs improvement moving forward this hurricane season, is communication.

“You got have really good communication,” said Scott. "You have to have people working together.”

The focus for the 6-day convention includes planning, preparedness, response and recovery, especially when it comes to utilities which, according to Scott, was one of major problems during Irma.

"You can’t solve a problem unless you know about it,” said Scott.

“The most important thing you can do besides saving lives is get the power back on as quickly as possible so I think that’s something we’ve learned.”

According to Scott, state and local agencies have been working together to sure up the needs of residents, before and after a hurricane hits.

But help starts with each and everyone of us.

“Make sure you know where shelters are going to be,” said Scott. “You need to make sure if you need a special-needs shelter know where they are or a pet shelter. Just get ready.”

One other important aspect Scott emphasized is following directions when it comes to safety.

“If law enforcement tells you to evacuate you need to listen to them," Scott said.

Hurricane season starts June 1.