Senior citizens throughout Florida suffering without electricity


Many frail seniors across Florida are now going on 72 hours without electricity.

Residents who live in the Palm Beach House condominium said some of their elderly neighbors are trapped in the top floor units with no power and no way out.

“It’s very disheartening because a lot of older people live here,” resident Cindy Ellis said.

Ellis sits by her husband's side as he lies on a couch hoping for some relief.

“He got really dizzy this morning and his stomach got really sick because of the heat,” she said.

The couple, who lives on the 29th floor, said they walked down the stairs in complete darkness after spending hours in their unit, which feels like a sauna.

“We kind of figured that they would have the generator upgraded and running especially during a hurricane,” Ellis said.

Ellis and other residents said the generators are failing, causing the power to go off every few minutes.

Resident Lawrence Chase is worried about the health of his elderly neighbors who have no family in the area and aren't healthy enough to use the stairs.

“They are stuck," Chase said. "One has a broken arm, so I am doing what I can. It’s tough."

This sentiment is echoed by Ellis, who worries her husband might end up in the hospital if they stay without power much longer.

“They found an aneurysm, so you are not supposed to be around heat when you have that," she said. "So I think that's why he got sick this morning."

Residents hope there will be a plan in place next time a storm knocks out their power.

Castle Group, which owns the Palm Beach House, couldn't be reached for comment.