South Florida woman battling cancer gets free wedding

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South Florida woman battling cancer gets free wedding (WPEC)

A South Florida woman battling cancer is getting ready for the wedding of her dreams in Palm Beach Gardens.

But that’s just half the story—she’s getting the wedding for free.

The path to “happily ever after” had a big bump for Sharn Kee.

This time last year, she got engaged to her soon-to-be husband, Anthony.

“We fell in love very very quickly,” Kee said. “On the day Prince Harry got married, Anthony asked me to marry him."

Everything seemed perfect; Kee says their families had already become one, living under the same roof with her two kids and Anthony’s daughter.

Then, four months into wedding planning came something she didn’t expect: a Stage 2 breast cancer diagnosis.

“It just stops everything for a minute or two," Kee said. "And you think, 'I’m going to die.'"

Kee says her wedding savings quickly went to her cancer treatment.

“Cancer is expensive,” she said.

Kee thought she’d have to settle for a small wedding until her bonus daughter, Alyssa Carrillo, told her about Wish Upon a Wedding, a non-profit that gives free weddings to brides going through difficult times.

“I applied because I wanted to show how I appreciated the gesture," Kee said. "And here we are."

Now, she’s getting ready to walk down the aisle with her kids by her side.

“I think she’s really found the one," Sage Lily Eisderie said.

Through her treatment, Kee says she’s just glad she had this to look forward to.

“It shines light in a dark place. You don’t realize how important that light is. Something to focus on,” she said.

A weight lifted off her shoulders as Keen enters a stage in her life she can look forward to. She says she is still getting oral chemo.

Keen says she’s not cancer free yet, but the outcome is good.