Storm of the Century caused $9.6B in damage across Florida and US

(NOAA Satellite)

On this day in 1993, the Storm of the Century moved across nearly half of the United States and created about $9.6 billion in damages.

The storm struck Florida in March 12 and many called it the “no-name” hurricane, with over 90mph wind gusts. It also created tornadoes and deadly storm surge. According to the National Weather Service Tampa Office, some of the peak wind gusts measured were:

-110mph in Franklin County, Florida

-109 mph in Dry Tortugas, Florida

-101mph in Flattop Mountain, NC

-144mph in Mount Washington, NH

The squall line that moved across the state of Florida created about 59,000 lightning strikes and at least 11 tornadoes. Storm surge was up to 12 feet near the Big Bend of Florida.

The storm then moved up to the northeast and dumped buckets of snow. Some of the top snow totals were:

-56 inches at Mount LeConte, TN

-50 inches at Mount Mitchell, NC

-44 inches in Snowshoe, WV

-43 inches in Syracuse, NY

-36 inches at Latrob, PA