Stuart company sends help to Panhandle: "We're about rebuilding lives, not just homes"

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Stuart company sends help to Panhandle: "We're about rebuilding lives, not just homes" (WPEC)

Help is here.

Before Hurricane Michael, crews were stationed ready to deploy. Now that Hurricane Michael has come and gone, crews from all over are in the Panhandle assisting.

Venture Construction Group, out of Stuart, is one company lending a helping hand. This company specializes in storm restoration, but they put that aside to help those in need.

"We're about rebuilding lives, not just homes," said John Carr, the managing director for Venture Construction Group, adding "buildings may be damaged but their lives are damaged as well. So anything we can go to help restore their lives is important."

He said as a Floridian, he knows the struggle of being without power or supplies so after a hurricane, they put their work second, after helping people after a natural disaster.

There are already 100 people on the ground near Panama City.

"Just getting supplies, tarps, water, food for the area impacted," said Carr.

He talked with his team Thursday about their staging areas.

The director of operations, Sandra Lawson, showed the team pictures from Thursday morning after Hurricane Michael hit. "This entire roof was completely ripped off," she said as she looked at one of the pictures. She continued, "crews are covered. Materials, covered. Relief, covered. We're getting as much done as we can to band-aid some of the issues."

She said their crews on the ground were handling the situation well.

Venture Construction Company did the same after Hurricane Florence. They had crews stationed in North Carolina for days. They used their helicopter to pick up supplies and get to hard to reach areas. "Very little spaces to land. Roads were out," said Carr.

Sometimes these disasters bring them jobs, but their focus is on the people. Carr showed CBS12 several pictures of his workers helping, one of a couple who just needed water.

"We have the tools. Let's help them," said Carr. He continued, "when we see people in distress and in need, we supply relief."

Now, they're working on sending more supplies to the Panhandle. They have a delivery scheduled for Friday and Saturday. Their helicopter is set to go out on Monday.

"It's gonna be some sleepless nights," said Carr. He left for the panhandle on Thursday.

Since now Tropical Storm Michael worked its way over the Carolinas, Venture Construction Group is also monitoring the continued issues there.