'Surfs up' in Boca Raton ahead of Hurricane Isaias

Locals out enjoying the big waves ahead of the hurricane on Saturday morning (WPEC)

As Hurricane Isaias is inched towards the coast of Florida Saturday morning, locals in Boca Raton were determined to enjoy the beach before the weather took a turn.

Surfers, paddle-boarders, and other beachgoers crowded the shores despite the county order closing all beaches and parks.

"Are we in Honolulu or Boca? That’s all I want to know! I’ve never seen so many surfers in my life," One Boca Raton resident told CBS12 News.

Another resident tells CBS12 News that he was not concerned, and even planned on "partying" tonight when the storm is expected to roll through, but county officials have warned against so-called "hurricane parties," reminding residents that law enforcement officials will be cracking down on those gatherings throughout the weekend.