Suspect in hit-and-run death of pregnant mother returned to Palm Beach County

Priscila Nicolas Antonio, 39, is charged in the hit-and-run death of Catarina Reymundo Marcos in West Palm Beach. (WPEC)

The woman accused of running over a pregnant mother and her daughter is back in Palm Beach County.

Authorities extradited Priscila Nicolas Antonio, 39, from Martin County.

She faces multiple charges in connection to the death of Catarina Reymundo Marcos, 34.

Police said on Sept. 29, the suspect backed over the pregnant mother and her 3-year-old daughter along Pinewood Avenue near 37th Street and left the scene in her Honda Odyssey minivan.

"A lady just ran over a lady and her baby, they're in the middle of the road" said one 911 caller. "The van pulled off and left."

Doctors at St. Mary's Medical Center delivered the victim's 8-month-old baby by C-section. The woman's daughter, Jessica Guzman, suffered a skull fracture and traumatic brain injury.

One officer spotted the damaged minivan down the street, but no sign of the driver. Police talked to neighbors who saw Antonio pull up to the apartment in the minivan and run upstairs with three children. Police found a damaged license plate in her room.

The next day, a woman who claimed to be the Godmother of Antonio's children called police to say the suspect asked her to come to Florida to pick up her children. According to the arrest report, the Godmother said Antonio said she accidentally ran over someone and police were looking for her. Antonio also agreed with the Godmother that she needed to turn herself in, but she never did.

Investigators traced the phone number in the call to a home in Indiantown where they arrested Antonio two days after the crash.

In the newly-released arrest report, Antonio told police she came to her friend's apartment to loan her $30. She claimed she didn't see Reymundo Marcos or the little girl standing behind her minivan. She initially claimed she didn't know she hit them, but left the scene after getting nervous and thinking about her own children. She said she realized what she had done the following day.

Antonio also said she didn't remember why she removed the license plate from the minivan. According to the arrest report, she said she was in shock, and then she said she hit her head somewhere and didn't remember.

Antonio said she didn't come forward right away because of her children. According to the report, she wanted to find someone to take care of her kids.

In the report, Antonio later admitted to accidentally hitting the gas instead of the brake, leaving the scene, and getting a ride to Indiantown to avoid going to jail. She said she didn't turn herself in earlier because she wanted to spend more time with her children. And on the day when authorities arrested her, she claimed she was getting a bag ready to surrender to police.

Antonio also admitted to not having a valid driver's license. She said she never had one while in the United States, according to the arrest report.

Antonio faces one count of leaving the scene of a crash involving death, two counts of leaving the scene of a crash involving serious bodily injury, three counts of driving without a license or while driver's license canceled, suspended or revoked causing serious bodily injury or death, and one count of leaving scene of a crash involving damage.