Uniting for tax reform

tax reform.JPG
Republicans work towards tax reform. (WPEC)

The Axes to Taxes tour sponsored by Job Creators Network and Freedom Works brought a large crowd to Nova University in Palm Beach Gardens, for a single purpose. Tax reform.

"Tax cuts will help us grow, and bring more people into work," says small business owner Dina Runio from Don Ramon's Restaurant. "I put my heart into it."

Rubio along with other business owners push for corporate tax cuts, saying the economy and their companies depend on change.

Stephen Moore, a senior economic consultant for the grassroots advocacy group, Freedom Works is also pushing for tax cuts. "The competition with the restaurants. We constantly have to be reinvesting ourselves."

President Trump also promised to cut taxes for business owners, saying he wants to make them more competitive.

With the stalemate in the Senate, when it comes to healthcare reform, conservatives now push for a focus on the tax code.

"You've got a United States Senate that seems completely dysfunctional, they can't get anything done." says Moore.

Republicans continue to work with the hopes of moving tax reform through Congress.

"I think most Americans think we need a lift. They are very concerned, it's worth it to do it. I'm going to get help from the government-not help, but some relief from the government so I could use that money to do my investment" says Runio.