Tis the season....for iguanas to fall from the sky

Iguana Forecast.png
Temperatures aren't cold enough just yet for iguanas to start freezing. (WPEC).

We've heard the term "It's raining cats and dogs!" You may have heard the song "It's raining tacos". But, now iguanas?? YES

Iguanas are cold-blooded animals, so they use the outside environment to stay warm. However, if it gets to cold they will start to slow down and could eventually freeze, especially if temperatures drop into the 40s!

Overnight, iguanas tend to seek shelter up in trees. If they freeze up there, they could lose hold on what's keeping them up there, or a gust of wind and go by and they can fall to the ground.

When the sun comes up and the temperatures start to warm, they will thaw and then go on with their day. So if it's chilly outside and you see a iguana on the ground, remember it may not be dead...just frozen.

While it may not necessarily be cold enough in most areas for this to happen today, Okeechobee did drop to 50 degrees this morning. As we move closer into the winter months, this will become more common as stronger fronts come through.

After a chilly start to the morning today, our temperatures will rebound nicely to the mid to upper 70s.

A weak front will pass through the area today, and just reinforce the cold air we have in place. Some clouds may move in with the front but we aren't expecting much rain with this boundary. There isn't a ton of moisture available.

Skies will remain mostly sunny through the rest of the week with temperatures in the 70s. Another front could move through this weekend.