FHP trooper hit by car in viral video thankful for all the support

FHP trooper Mithil Patel said he's thankful for all of the support. (WPEC)

A round of applause and praise greeted Mithil Patel, the heroic FHP trooper who saved another man's life at the scene of a car crash on I-95 near Hobe Sound, at a news conference Friday.

"Thank you very, very much, and we are not friends, we are family," said Rony Bottex, the man saved by Patel.

Patel's scary ordeal went viral. CBS12 crews captured the exclusive video showing an out-of-control car hitting Patel Monday morning.

Seconds before getting hit, Patel shoved a grandfather from Port St. Lucie out of the way of the spinning car, potentially saving his life. His daughter spoke of Patel's heroic efforts while in tears.

"If it wasn't for you being there that day, my father wouldn't be here," said Marilyn Bottex Wallace in tears Friday morning, three days after her father left St. Mary's Medical Center.

Patel's wife called it a miracle that he didn't break any bones.

Patel thanked everyone from law enforcement to the first people on scene to help him.

"As well as the tow truck driver who ran up and was the first one to see me do an Olympic-style roll. I didn't land perfect unfortunately. I didn't get a 10. I got a zero on that one. Guess I have to practice at home," Patel joked.

The 31-year-old trooper also thanks Channel 12. The video of the incident went viral, with over 6.9 million views since Monday.

Patel said it helped fill in the blanks from that frightening moment.

"Just one thing, send me another copy of all of it so I can frame it," Patel said.