Two local parks under health advisory after water quality tests

Bathtub Beach.jpg
Two local parks under health advisory after water quality tests. (WPEC)

The Florida Health Department of Palm Beach County has issued a health advisory for several beaches, including DuBois Park.

Out of 15 beaches, two tested in the “poor” range for water quality: DuBois Park and Lake Worth Kreusier.

“There’s a lot of families, a lot of kids come to this particular swimming hole,” explained Jupiter Resident Kipp Gates about the DuBois lagoon, “Mothers usually. Mothers and their kids.”

However, Wednesday, the beach typically packed with families, was empty. The water though, was loaded with bacteria.

“If it’s gonna get bacteria they should have a sign,” said Gates. Late Wednesday afternoon, crews posted a sign to alert swimmers about the bacteria levels.

The Health Department of Florida in Palm Beach County tests every other week for Enderococci, a bacteria found in feces. A good water sample averages around 20 colonies, while poor water quality is anything more than 71 colonies. Right now, DuBois Park is at 910 colonies.

Around 45 times greater.

The Loxahatchee River District also checks for bacteria, but does so every week. Bud Howard, the Director of Information at LRD, said, “It’s far greater than meets the eye here. It [the DuBois Lagoon] extends two miles south of here... everything that runs off the yards and streets throughout this whole region come out this basin.”

That runoff includes materials from wildlife, humans, and lawns.

Here's the list of beaches sampled by the health department and the results.