Votes still being tabulated in Palm Beach County

Votes still being tabulated in Palm Beach County (WPEC)

Employees at the Supervisor of Elections Service Center continued to sort through thousands of ballots as the race for Florida’s governor and Senate tightens.

Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher said they still have to count about 1,500 military and overseas ballots, nearly 2,000 provisional ballots and a couple thousand mail in ballots.

“The preliminary results deadline is Saturday at noon and so we’re confident we’re making that deadline,” she said.

The office of Andrew Gillum who conceded Tuesday night to Ron Desantis issued a statement Thursday saying in part there are many more uncounted ballots than originally reported.

GIllum took to Facebook urging people to not give up.

"We’re hopeful that every single vote will be counted in this race and that way all of us can walk away from the race feeling extremely confident about what each and every one of use did and have our say in this election,” he said.

Bucher said her office is anticipating more than one recount.

She said she’s already requested extra staff to help and they will work around the clock to get the job done.

“We know that there is an almost 100 percent potential for a recount or recounts and we’ll proceed forward organizing so we can perform the recount or recounts that happen,” Bucher said.

The canvassing board will meet Friday to canvass and tabulate the remaining ballots.

Saturday is the deadline for the Supervisor of Elections to submit the rest of the ballots across the state.