Wandering bear greets Florida deputy

Marion County Sheriff's Deputy Remington met this very curious guy after he responded to a call in the Ocklawaha area. Image Courtesy: Marion County Sheriff's Office.

It's safe to say most people wouldn't want a ride in a sheriff deputy's patrol car. Usually it means you're in trouble.

But that's not the case for a wayward bear in central Florida.

A Marion County Sheriff's Deputy took video of a curious bear in the Ocklawaha area.

The bear strolled out of the woods and meandered over to Deputy Remington's patrol car. The deputy opened his door to get a better look. The bear looked around, sniffed the car a little, as if it was thinking, "Hmm, maybe this ride is better than my four legs."

The Sheriff's Office posted the video on its Facebook page and referred to another "bare" incident. That involved a naked man who left the scene of a hit-and-run crash.