'We work whenever we can:' FPL pushing to restore power

FPL workers.JPG

Over 21,000 crews in the state of Florida all working to get customers out of the dark.

Florida Power & Light says they expect everyone along the east coast of Florida to have power by the end of the weekend.

"We work long days. We work nights. We work whenever we can," said Jose Tirado, who works for Pacific Gas and Electric and flew out from California before Irma hit.

Lineman from 28 states, as well as Canada, are in Florida right now.

"We are racing to get the lights back on," said Rob Gould, vice president and chief communications officer of FPL.

Crews are working first to fix critical buildings like hospitals and main feeder lines on major roadways before heading into communities.

The process takes time and a lot of coordination.

"When I talk about the progress we've made, it's small solace to those who are without power that are out in the heat that are very uncomfortable," Gould said. "We get it and we're doing all we can to restore power as quickly as possible."