Good Samaritan crosses canal, busy highway to save UPS driver

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UPS driver rescued by Good Samaritan. (WPEC)

A 32-year-old Good Samaritan, who lives near the Turnpike exit along Becker Road, helped a UPS driver to safety after a tire blew and sent the delivery truck rolling over in the northbound lanes of the Turnpike, Port St. Lucie police said.

“It was something out of the movies,” said Shane Mott. “It sounded like a bomb exploded.”

The single-vehicle roll-over happened on May 18 at 9:15 a.m.

Port St. Lucie Police were dispatched to the Turnpike to assist Florida Highway Patrol with the single vehicle roll-over traffic investigation.

The UPS truck swerved and then rolled over as it traveled northbound on the Turnpike, police said.

The Good Samaritan told CBS12 News in an exclusive interview that he took off running in the direction of the truck. He said he didn't see the driver exit the truck.

The hero said vehicles were driving past the truck and no one was stopping to render aid to the driver.

Police said he went through the C-23 canal, up the embankment to the turnpike, crossed all southbound and northbound lanes of busy traffic in order to make sure the UPS driver was ok.

The UPS driver walked away with non-life-threatening injuries and was not transported to a hospital.