Wing from downed plane found on Hutchinson Island

Wing from downed plane found on Hutchinson Island (WPEC){ }

An unusual find along Hutchinson island.

The wing of a plane washed up ashore there Sunday afternoon.

Now a lot of questions remain.

Jimmy Tighe called the Coast Guard Sunday afternoon as soon as he spotted the wing from his high rise apartment.

“We looked out and saw something bobbing in the water,” says Tighe.

He says at first he thought it was an overturned boat.

“You could see the landing gear still attached to the wing with the two tires from the landing gear,” says Tighe.

Once he saw that, he began looking for signs of life, but didn't find any.

The Coast Guard and NTSB tell CBS 12 News it’s not yet clear what plane this wing belongs to.

A plane crashed in Miami on its way back from the Bahamas Friday.

One man was rescued, but the pilot hasn’t been found.

And just a week before another plane crashed near Palm Beach.

The Lantana couple, Ken and Alice Simmons, are well known for their work in the community haven’t been found either.

Other people who live nearby watched as towing company removed the wing from the shore.

“It’s just sad. Very, very sad,” says Kevin Heanen.

“It’s somebody’s last journey,” says Aesley Heanen.

The wing will be taken to the National Transportation Safety Board where the circumstances regarding the crash and passengers will be investigated.