VIDEO: Woman rams cars at gas station in West Palm Beach

Midlyn Natson is accused of ramming cars at a Marathon gas station in West Palm Beach. (Courtesy: Abdul Samad)

A woman was arrested Wednesday for ramming her car into a local gas station, West Palm Beach police said. And it's all caught on video.

Midlyn Natson, of Delray Beach, is being charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, battery on an officer and criminal mischief, according to police. She was also issued a citation for reckless driving.

Police say they responded to the Maraton gas station at 1840 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard around 6:30 p.m. for reports of a woman trying to run people over. She had also rammed her car into the Marathon's store front.

When police arrived, they saw a gray Nissan Rogue, driven by Natson, intentionally hitting a red Toyota Corolla, according to the arrest report. Natson tried to flee the scene, but to no avail.

Police say they ordered Natson out of the Nissan, but when they tried to place her into the patrol vehicle, she began kicking and refusing to go inside.

After several attempts, police were able to detain her, put her in a TARP restraint and get her in the patrol vehicle.

The entrance doors of the Marathon were smashed, police said. Several people said Natson intentionally hit their cars with the Nissan.

One man told police that he was pumping gas when he noticed Natson arguing with someone in a white car at a different gas pump, according to the arrest report. He said Natson then put her Nissan in reverse and slammed into the white car. She then started to hit several cars in the parking lot. Natson then struck the man's car while he was outside of it, causing his arm to get pinned between his car and the gas pump.

The man and the friend he came with said they were able to leave and ran into the Marathon store, according to police. That was when Natson decided to ram the store with her Nissan several times. The man said he was afraid for his life and he never met Natson before.

Natson later told police she did what she did to "get attention for her personal life situation to be noticed."

Police say Natson was taken to Good Samaritan Medical Center for medical clearance. While she was there, she grabbed a nurse by the arm and wouldn't let go. The nurse said she ended up with a large bruise.

The incident led to Natson also getting charged with battery on a medical care provider.