Woman recalls alleged rape by Uber driver

A woman claims Uber driver Gary Kitchings raped her last year after Sunfest. (WPEC)

A ride home from SunFest turned into a traumatic one for a local woman.

The woman who claimed an Uber driver raped her took the stand Tuesday morning in the trial of Gary Kitchings.

She told jurors Kitchings, last May, groped her and ordered her to perform a sex act during a ride back to her apartment in Jupiter. The woman said she considered jumping out of the car to escape, but the door was locked. Kitchings also said he had a gun, she said.

Once at home, the woman testified Kitchings followed her and forced his way inside and threatened her and her dogs. She thought Kitchings would kill her.

The woman said the assault continued in the bedroom.

The defense’s cross-examination went into great detail, and exposed some apparent inconsistencies in her testimony, and what she told officers after the attack. She also made a rape allegation in New York a year earlier.

Kitchings maintained the sex was consensual.