Model says leaked video shows inequality

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Dolphins Assistant Coach leaves after surprising video surfaces. (WPEC)

Kijuana Nige, the woman who released the video showing ex-Dolphins coach Chris Foerster snorting a white substance, says she released the video to expose inequality in the NFL.

She also says she plans to release more videos in the near future.

Nige says black athletes have been scorned for kneeling during the national anthem, while others are held in a different light.

She says once the video came out Foerster, who is married, was allowed to resign.

Nige says that move by the Dolphins shows there's a double standard.

"It's kind of like a white privilege if you want to be honest about it" says Nige. "It's a white privilege, when you compare the two. You get one person get in trouble over an anthem, when you have a coach who probably can't even sing along 'cause he's so high."

Foerster said in a statement he takes full responsibility for his actions and he plans to get help.