Couple says they found hidden camera in Airbnb pointed at bed

hidden camera 2.jpg
Couple says they found hidden camera Airbnb while staying in Toronto (Dougie Hamilton){ }

A couple is in shock after they say they discovered a hidden camera at an Airbnb they were staying at inToronto, the Star reported.

Dougie Hamilton posted pictures on Facebook of the camera hidden inside a digital clock pointed at their bed, according to the Star. He says what tipped him off was that the clock was connected to a wire like a phone charger.

Airbnb says they have removed the host from the platform and are investigating.

Here are some tips on how to spot hidden cameras:

  • Check the inside of smoke detectors and shower heads.
  • Make a call on your phone and walk around the room to see if there's any interference.
  • Grab an empty paper towel roll and a flashlight, turn off the lights and hold the paper towel roll to one eye and scan the room with the flashlight in search of a white reflection.