Designer collaborates with 'Barbie' to make Black History Month collection

Designer Shiona Turini collaborates with 'Barbie' to make Black History Month collection. (MGN){ }

Designer Shiona Turini had a hard time finding a Barbie doll that looked like her growing up.

She's known for dressing models and actresses, but her latest project is something she says means a little more to her.

"For me, it was such an honor because Barbie is basically my first fashion icon," Turini told Essence. "I actually had it on one of my vision boards. I’d been going through Instagram and seeing the Barbie style account and was like, I would love to do a project with Barbies. I felt like I manifested it and then I was really happy to be a part of it. It’s an iconic brand."

The new collection provides numerous hair and outfit combinations, a diverse style that represents confidence and empowerment.

"The first black Barbie was in 1980, so it was there, she said. "You did have to look a little bit harder for it sometimes, but now the amount of options is so impressive, the skin tones, the hair textures, the braids, the twists. I love that so many young black girls can see themselves when they want to play with this doll, they have so many options.

Turini hopes young girls are able to see a little bit of themselves with the new line.

"I was excited to partner with a platform to celebrate diversity and further reflect Barbie as an icon through the lens of black culture. She was technically our first fashion muse and to be able to see ourselves so beautifully represented within this brand, I just think it’s a special thing."