Driver in stolen car crashes into South Florida home

driver crashes into home in Miami pic.JPG
Driver in stolen car crashes into South Florida home (CNN Newsource)

The driver of an alleged stolen vehicle crashes into a house Thursday and left a mangled mess.

"You heard the screeching of the noise and then there was turning and the car flipped over," witness Jalisa Canon said.

The front yard is still covered in debris hours after a chaotic crash that sent an SUV flying straight at a home off Northwest 95th Street and 23rd Avenue.

The impact was so violent, tire marks could be seen near the home's roof, the Toyota RAV4 left barely recognizable.

Witnesses say the driver tried to make a run for it after the crash.

"He was gushing from his head and he ended up running," Canon said. "I guess he thought he was going to get far, but they caught him on the side. He was trying to jump the gate."

They say a woman in the passenger seat also ran away. Police stopped her just a few blocks away, where she was placed on a stretcher and rushed to the hospital.

Police say the SUV was initially reported as stolen. They tried following the vehicle, but eventually lost track of it within moments.

That's when the wild wreck took place.

"Yeah I opened the door and I was like wow what just happened," resident Vicky Santos said.

Santos and her boyfriend were inside the home, along with their young daughter, when the crash took place.

They were playing in the living room when they heard what sounded like an explosion.

"All I heard was a crash. Since I was there with my daughter, I thought that they were literally going to hit through it," resident Alberto Navarro said. "When I went outside, it was flipped right next to my car."

City code inspectors have now deemed that home unsafe to live in.