Lost dog post goes viral in Utah

Lost Dog_web.jpg
Lost dog post goes viral in Utah. (Orem Police Department)

A Facebook post about a lost dog went viral after the online conversation turned into a chat about a 'hot cop.'

Last week, the Orem Police Department posted a photo of an officer holding a lost dog.

The post has since gone viral with more than 2400 shares and hundreds of comments.

Many comments refer to the good looks of the officer.

One Facebook user wrote, "A friend of mine wants to know, does he do bachelorette parties?"

Another wrote, "Omg, break me off a piece of thaaat." While another wrote, "Poor guy, looks like he needs a bath and a warm bed to lay in :/ the dog can come too I guess."

As for the animal, Alison Peck responded to say it's her dog. She said she spent half the night looking for him and thanked the police department for holding onto her pet before taking it to a shelter.

The police department also had a message for some of its followers.

"If you abandon your pets with the hopes that Officer 'Scrumptious' will show up to bring them home, he is off-duty now and it's not going to happen," wrote the department on a separate post.