Man high on PCP attacks homeowner, jumps off roof like 'Peter Pan': Police

Kansas City Police say a naked, bloody man high on PCP attacked a homeowner Wednesday afternoon, according to CBS affiliate KCTV.

According to the report, officers reported the homeowner let the 34-year-old suspect stay at his home in Kansas City Tuesday night and just after noon the following day, the man started throwing items off the second-story window of the victim's home.

Police say the man climbed out of the window, walked onto the roof and then jumped belly-first like "Peter Pan," the news outlet reports.

The suspect was running naked through the front yard and trying to fight the homeowner when police arrived, according to the report. Police tried to get the victim away from the suspect but ended up having to deploy tasers.

The suspect was finally taken into custody, but he spat in the face of fire rescue, KCTV reports. The man was cited for disorderly conduct, property damage, resisting arrest and indecent exposure.