Man wrestles 'super mellow' gator out of pool in Parkland

Man wrestles 'super mellow' gator out of pool in Parkland (Paul Bedard Instagram: @gatorboysalligatorrescue)

A brave man joined an alligator in a swimming pool to coax it out and lived to tell the tale.

Paul Bedard of Gator Boys Alligator Rescue posted photos on Instagram of his successful removal of the gator, which ended up being between eight and nine feet.

Bredard wrote on Instagram that he was actually excited when he got the call.

"I haven't had a good-sized gator in a swimming pool in probably a year, so I was kind of looking forward to this when I got the call," Bedard posted. "These are actually fun because the gator can't go anywhere and the water's almost always crystal clear. So all I have to do is jump in the water play around with him until he's tired and I can either hold his mouth shut and put a snare on it and tape it, or if he super energetic I can get him tired enough where I can just pick him up without the tape and carry him out in the yard and then tape him up once I get there."

Bedard also wrote the alligator was "super mellow" and didn't give him a hard time at all.