Police give 3-year-old boy birthday surprise as he sits in beloved toy police car

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Police give a 3-year-old boy a. birthday surprise as he sits in a beloved toy police car on Oct. 13, 2020. (Courtesy: Wyoming Highway Patrol)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (SBG) — A little boy in Wyoming got the surprise of a lifetime.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol sent troopers to drive-by three-year-old Quinton's home to surprise him for his birthday.

"Though we don't usually partake in these processions since lifting COVID restrictions, we couldn't turn down a chance to compare patrol cars with Quinton. As you can see in the attached pictures and movies, Quinton takes excellent care of his ride and has already mastered grass parking and traffic monitoring skills," Wyoming Highway Patrol posted in part on Facebook.

In an adorable video posted to Facebook, the three-year-old is seen sitting in his yard inside a toy police car as the troopers drive past. Police say the drive-by procession was coordinated with Quinton's mother.

"He should be a viable candidate for the recruiting class of '38," police said.