Police: Woman shoots up KFC drive-thru over missing napkin, fork

Jonelle Dare_web.jpg
Police say Jonelle Dare shot up a drive-thru in Georgia because she didn't receive a napkin or fork. (CBS Newspath)

A woman from Georgia is accused of shooting up a fast food restaurant because of what never made it into her bag.

Jonelle Dare, 33, of Marietta, has been charged with five counts of wanton endangerment and one count of criminal mischief.

According to police, Dare went to a KFC in Shelbyville last month and fired shots through the drive-thru window.

Witnesses told police it's because she didn't get a fork and napkin with her order.

There were several employees and customers inside KFC at the time of the shooting, police said. No one was hurt.

After identifying Dare as a suspect, police arrested her Tuesday in Sandy Springs. Authorities found a gun in her possession that matched the one used in the shooting.