Touching story behind Waffle House proposal

Waffle House proposal_web.jpg

A proposal at a Waffle House on Valentine's Day is not your typical engagement story. (Kimberly Giardelli | MGN)

A proposal at a Waffle House on Valentine's Day is not your typical engagement story.

But for one couple, it means everything.

Makeup artist Kimberly Giardelli says Waffle House was the place her family vacationed as a child. It was her mother's favorite place to take the kids when visiting their grandparents or any time they did anything special.

Giardelli lost her mother nine years ago. Since then, she says it's been hard to go back to the breakfast chain restaurant. Three years ago, she also lost her husband in a car accident and she was left alone with three children.

But then Giardelli met her now-fiancé, Derrick Cantrelle, and when she opened up to him about avoiding places that brought back painful memories, he slowly helped her overcome that by making new memories.

When Giardelli saw the news about Waffle House having a special for Valentine's Day where they would accept reservations, she immediately jumped on the opportunity and told Cantrelle they should do that for Friday night and told him they should dress up and everything, Giardelli tells CBS12 News.

Little did Giardelli know that Cantrelle had bigger plans.

The couple did end up in Waffle House on Valentine's Day. That was when Cantrelle brought out a gift bag that incorporated all the things Giardelli loves and then got down on one knee.

"I felt like my mom was there," Giardelli tells CBS12 News. "I couldn't have imagined it in any other place. Everything that was good in my life was brought back."

The couple is taking their kids to the Waffle House this weekend to celebrate.