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Some restaurants in San Antonio are adding a 'COVID surcharge' at checkout

Price hikes, sparked by the Coronavirus pandemic, are generating mixed reactions from the buying public. (SBG Photo)

SAN ANTONIO (WOAI/KABB) - Price hikes, sparked by the coronavirus pandemic, are generating mixed reactions from the buying public.

In some cases, signs posted alert customers to so-called "COVID fees."

Others are finding a surcharge on their receipt.

"This **** is ******** crazy right here man," said one customer.

A surprise at the drive-thru for some customers unaware of the added fee at check out.

"COVID meat surcharge $5," the customers said.

Food costs have seen the highest increases in decades due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Restaurants and other businesses are adding a surcharge to help offset their cost.

"I was like, why is it so much and then she came out and told me because, she showed me the receipt and that was it," the customer said.

Coronavirus outbreaks at meat processing plants have created a meat shortage.

The owner of Chacho's Mexican restaurant in San Antonio says in order to keep selling meat, he's added a temporary 20-percent surcharge.

Bill Miller's Bar-B-Que is adding a dollar to every quarter-pound of brisket ordered.

We caught up with one customer there, at the drive-thru.

"I'm a little tired of hearing it,” Sabrina Nelson said. “We're all in this together so what do you do? It's just a dollar."

In a statement, H-E-B says "While we have held prices steady, customers could see a temporary rise in meat prices for some products."

Other businesses adding COVID-related surcharges include some salons, and dental offices to help pay for personal protective equipment.

"Obviously it's weird, this is a new thing for all of us but I support it," Nelson said.

Sabrina Nelson is keeping a close eye on her budget and hopes the fees don't last long.

"And so to just beware of that and just stay safe and let it happen and everything will be back to normal, hopefully soon," Nelson said.

H-E-B says they're watching the meat supplier's situation closely and will continue to advocate for Texas's lower prices.

Meantime, if you'd like to file a suspected price gouging complaint, you can click here.