Boca Raton Spa's 'Man Cave Package' invites men to bathe in beer

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Most women in South Florida would stop at nothing to enjoy a day at the spa, but how do you convince a reluctant man to indulge in a spa day. The Maui Spa and Wellness Center in Boca Raton has discovered that the added element of beer is helping men discover the zen in their testosterone.

The Maui Spa's "Man Cave Package" comes complete with access to an infrared sauna, steam shower, simulated waterfall shower, and a luxurious copper bathtub where men actually bathe in beer, while drinking the ice cold beer provided to them.

"It's not like you're coming in and jumping in a tub of beer," explains Maui Spa spokesperson Kate Volman. "We actually make it with hops, and that has a lot of amazing antibacterial ingredients. It has vitamin A and B, it's very nourishing to the skin."

The package also makes it tempting to add a volcanic mud mask, which includes body clay to enhance the beer spa experience.

"It's kind of that package where it's kind of the like the gateway into other things," adds Volman. "Once they're here and experience (the beer package), then they're a little more open."

"(Not only will) the elements of the beer help you to just sleep like a baby," says spa director Debi Slaton. "(But it) also helps to moisturize your skin, it helps to fight inflammatory diseases. It's just doing a combination of things to relax you. and help circulate your blood."

"For whatever reason, if you invite some people for beer in a spa they're going to take you up on it, "says Volman. "It's different, it's unique, it's special, and yes, it's manly."