Boynton Beach's Jackson introduced as newest Baltimore Raven

Lamar Jackson introduced in Baltimore.

If you tuned out of the NFL Draft early Thursday night, then you missed it - Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson fell to the very last pick in the first round. But better late than never - Jackson may have found the perfect landing spot.

Jackson had an excruciating wait Thursday, but he was able to joke about it Friday afternoon.

"I was like, I hope I didn't put my suit on for nothing," Jackson said. "I looked pretty fly."

Jackson was taken with the last pick in the first round, as the Baltimore Ravens traded up to grab him.

The Boynton Beach High grad scowled a little bit, and was visibly a little peeved during his interview with Deion Sanders.

"What could you have done to have gone higher today?" Deion asked. "Nothing," was Jackson's reply.

But Friday Jackson was introduced as the newest Raven, and he said he was excited to be another player with South Forida ties, to don the purple and black.

"Guys like Ed Reed, Ray Lewis - I just want to be the next guy."

The Ravens all ready have a Super Bowl champion quarterback in Joe Flacco. The Raven coaches say Jackson will be the backup, and spend time learning from the established pro.

"If you've won a Super Bowl, you're good to me," says Jackson. "So I'm going to try to learn as much as I can from Joe Flacco."

All of the criticism Jackson received pre-draft, and his drop in the first round, has added to the chip on his shoulder. Now the work begins in the Charm City.