Coco Gauff's grandmother watches her tense win at the U.S. Open from home

Yvonne Odom, Coco Gauff's grandmother watches her U.S. Open victory from home{ }

As many grandmothers would, Yvonne Odom got ready for her evening cooking a hot pot of chicken stew.

It was finished just in time for her granddaughter Coco Gauff's match at the U.S. Open against Anastasia Potapova.

“I am anxious, I am nervous,” said Odom as she watched the riveting match unfold.

It was a tense evening watching Coco fight her way to victory.

However, even when things looked rough for Coco on the court, her grandmother was pushing her from hundreds of miles away.

“Come on baby," she shouted at the television just as loudly as if she were watching right from the sidelines. “She is still my grandbaby and that’s what I hope she never forgets because I did tell her one time whether she wins a match or not, we’re going to love her anyway.”

Odom said she always believed Coco could do it and has been believing in her long before she became a tennis prodigy.

“There was something unique about her even as a baby,” she said. “She was very serious about what she did, very unusual.”

And now the world knows it too.

“Everybody else now knows what we knew all along,” Odom said.

But Odom also wants people to know it's not just Coco’s talent that makes her a champion.

“I just want people to understand she didn't accidentally get to this point,” she said. “It was designed by hard work.”