Cutler set up for success as Dolphins quarterback

cutler prax.jpg

Jay Cutler doesn't have a lot of time to become the starting quarterback of the Miami Dolphins, and while Adam Gase has not named him that yet, everything is in place to have Cutler be ready.

Cutler practiced for the first time as a Dolphin Tuesday - he's got less than five weeks to be ready for the opener. But he's not concerned, saying he knows the offense, and his arm strength is there- it's just the timing he needs to get ironed out.

Plus he has his man Adam Gase at the helm. The first person Cutler saw when he landed in Denver for his rookie season was Gase, who was a quality control assistant with the Broncos.

The pair's careers have crisscrossed ever since. Now, Gase and the gang are all on board to help cutler even Ryan Tannehill. Cutler says Tannehill has been "great" over the last two days, and Gase says that he is going to be out there to help the team as much as he can.

Cutler also has the ear of one of the best players to ever pick up a ball and chuck it, Dan Marino, who met with Cutler after practice Tuesday.

A huge hole was torn into the Dolphins team when Tannehill went down. But they may have remarkably found the exact right size piece to fill it.