Martin Luther King III visits Dolphins minicamp for voting initiative

Martin Luther King III speaks to the media about getting the Dolphins to register to votes.

The Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championship last week, but many players have said they will go to be honored at the White House, as a protest to President Donald Trump.

Many athletes have taken political stances publicly, but still many don't do their civic duty by showing up to the ballots. The Dolphins are taking a step to change that.

Last year, four Dolphins protested police violence against African-Americans, by kneeling during the national anthem.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross stood up for his players, saying they had the right to do it. There's another way that NFL players and all citizens can stand up for what they believe in.

And that is... to vote.

Martin Luther King III was at Dolphins minicamp Thursday as part of Ross's RISE Initiative. King was helping the players register, making the Dolphins the first NFL team to organize its players to vote.

Last season the dolphins were at the center of activism controversy. Voting is the simplest form of activism and spreading that word is something everyone can get behind.