Masters is a unique golf experience with rules ‘unlike any other’

Masters practice rounds.JPG
Masters is a unique golf experience with rules ‘unlike any other’ (WPEC)

It was a rainy morning at Augusta National Golf Club, as the patrons got one last chance to create their own Masters memory during the more intimate, yet still just as stunningly beautiful, Wednesday morning practice rounds.

The whole experience at the Masters is completely different than any other golf tournament, both for the players and for the Patrons.

Let’s start right there.

The golf viewing enthusiasts mustn’t be called fans at the Masters, instead they must be referred to as patrons, and the Patrons have strict rules of their own they need to learn fast.

Absolutely no cell phones are allowed at Augusta National Golf Club. If you pull one out, you’ll be stripped of your ticket and or media credential. Like a time warp, they do have phone booths on site.

Regular cameras are allowed for the practice rounds, as long as you can dig up that old pre-smart phone photographic equipment.

You can walk at a brisk pace, but absolutely no running is allowed at Augusta National. Hats are allowed, but backwards baseball caps will not be tolerated.

You won’t hear people screaming “Get in the Hole” or “Baba Booey” after their favorite golfer drives the ball. That results in instant ejection. Security has been given an updated list of other things patrons are not allowed to say this year, including “dilly dilly”, a saying made famous by popular beer commercial.

It’s all about respecting tradition at the Masters, the only tournament left where patrons can save there spot by laying down a lawn chair. When they come back it’s pretty much guaranteed to still be their, along with any belongings left behind. As Jim Nantz would say, the Masters truly is a tradition unlike any other.