The Houston Astros face the music at spring training after cheating scandal

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The Houston Astros face the music at spring training after cheating scandal

The Houston Astros' cheating scandal was the biggest baseball story of the off-season. Both the Astros manager and G.M.were fired after an MLB investigation determined they stole pitching signs by using video technology in 2017 when they won the World Series. They faced the media on Thursday in West Palm Beach for the first time since the cheating scandal rocked the baseball world. Before they could try to move on with the 2020 season, they had lots of explaining to do, and lots of apologizing to do.

"I'm really sorry about the choices that we made," said Astros third baseman Alex Bregman in a prepared statement before the Astros workout. Astros outfielder Jose Altuve also added, "The team feels bad about what's happened."

Owner Jim Crane, meanwhile, tried to justify why the players aren’t being held accountable and punished for stealing signs to give them an advantage at the plate.

"The players should not be punished for the failure of our leadership," said Crane.

While the players stopped short of admitting they won games they should not have won, they were remorseful in the clubhouse, acknowledging the cheating allegations were justified.

"I think whenever you let somebody down. That's always there," said outfielder George Springer when asked if guilt was a good word to describe how the team is feeling.

"I'd say baseball players are human beings," said Bregman when asked what he would say to kids who were inspired by their 2018 run, but are now disheartened. "Human beings make mistakes, and I'm sorry for all the choices that we've made."

Several players were asked how they would handle being on the road this season, with many fans expected to be heckling them. The most common answer was to win games. We'll now find out if they'll be able to accomplish wins as easily in 2020.