Daly and Langer make odd couple at Boca Raton Championship

John Daly takes a selfie with a fan at the Old Course at Broken Sound.

The Boca Raton Championship may have a brand new name, but some of the most popular golfers of all time are back in Palm Beach County again. Two of the biggest fan favorites couldn't be more different.

Boca Raton resident Bernhard Langer is the buff and healthy 60-year-old, who won 7 times last year

"it's great to be at home and have all the friends and family here," says Langer.

John Daly is the colorful, play by his own rules common man, who might say 'smoke them if you've got them'. No matter how he's playing, fans can't seem to get enough.

"I think it's because I've always been real," says Daly. "I've always told the truth when I screw up and when I don't I've never been a guy to lie to the fans."

As different as these two guys are, they are among the most beloved players out here, and have nothing but respect for each other.

"He goes for everything and sometimes he pulls it off and sometimes it goes wayward," says Langer of Daly. "He's had his issues in life like we all do. Everyone has had their battles - really he's just real human"

"He's amazing," says Daly of Langer. "We call him 'The Germanator'. He's tough to beat."

But Daly will be playing in Langer's group in Friday's first round - a chance to give local fans the best of both worlds.