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Dolphins GM says 'Tua is our starting quarterback,' but doesn't rule out QB competition

Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier commits to Tua Tagovailoa as the team's starting QB -- but isn't ruling out a quarterback competition for next season.

Miami Dolphins General Manager Chris Greir is all in on Tua Tagovailoa.

The Dolphins continue to "lick their wounds" on Tuesday after not making the playoffs and a 56-26 loss to the Buffalo Bills, where Tagovailoa threw three interceptions and had problems getting the offense going.

“Tua, we’re very happy with," Grier said. "He’s our starting quarterback."

Grier and Head Coach Brian Flores spoke side by side on Zoom on Tuesday, with their game faces having been shifted to the future of the Miami Dolphins. It's a future that could include some competition for Tagovailoa.

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"He did a nice job this year coming in as a rookie with no offseason and the challenges of dealing with all that," Grier said. "Very happy with him and looking forward to watching him progress here over the next – with an offseason here."

Tua finished 2020 with nine games of NFL experience, but struggled to spark the offense when the Dolphins needed it the most. Grier says he's confident that the eight months of training ahead will get Tua to where they want him to be, but isn't ruling out adding some QB competition.

"We’re not really talking about draft strategy or anything right now," he said. "The season just ended and we’re just going through our process like we do all the time and we’ll deal with that here in the future.”