Dolphins tight end explains why his emotions are the key to a successful performance

Dolphins tight end explains why his emotions are key to successful performance

Miami Dolphins tight end, Mike Gesicki, has proven to be the guy you want to throw the ball to this season.

In the last four games, Gesicki has notched 15 catches for 197 yards. He's ramping it up, considering he has 21 catches for 248 yards this season.

I think every week is something to build on, whether it’s some negative plays that happened in the game that I need to learn from or the positives that everybody wants to talk about. Ultimately, I’m the guy that’s never too high, never too low. When things are going good, I’m going to keep doing what I do. When things are going bad, I’m going to keep sticking to my routine and know that I’m going to get over the hump eventually. That’s where I’m at with my mindset. It’s where I’ve always been and I’m not going to change it.

The Dolphins will face the Colts in Indianapolis on Sunday.