Cubit returns almost three decades later to lead Martin County

Martin County Head Coach Bill Cubit

Bill Cubit first coached the Martin County High School football team from 1986 to 1988. He was a young coach on the rise - who would eventually become a coordinator at Missouri, Rutgers and Stanford, and a head coach at the University of Illinois.

Now Cubit is back - a week and a half away from his first game as a high school head coach in almost three decades.

Rain storms wreaked a little havoc with the Tigers' practice schedule Wednesday afternoon, but Cubit was still getting work done underneath an overhang by the school's cafeteria.

Cubit went 30-6 in his first stint with the Tigers, and he admitted that high school players aren't that much different then they were 30 years ago. But he is different from when he was first a head coach in Stuart.

Cubit may have his work cut out for him - Martin County lost 25 seniors, but he says he has a young competitive bunch.