Michael Vick to help with Future Stars Game in Boca Raton

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Michael Vick gives an interview with Kevin's Other sow at 640 The Hurricane Sports Radio in West Palm Beach.(WPEC)

Former college and NFL superstar Michael Vick spent his football life evading huge defensive lineman or speedy linebackers who wanted to do nothing but take his head off. He did it with ease over his 15-year career in the NFL. But, as a young man with a lot of money, Vick admitted taxes did trip him up.

"When I first got into the NFL, nobody told me about taxes," laughed Vick. "If somebody had talked to me about taxes I wouldn't have spent a lot of money in the first couple months in the NFL," Vick said during an interview with "Kevin's Other Show" at 640 The Hurricane Sports Radio on Monday. "Once I found out about taxes, it was a very strict budget," said Vick, who bought a car and a house for his mom after getting his first big paycheck.

It's the mentoring that Vick wanted more of early on that brings him to Boca Raton this summer. He's taking part in the Future Stars Game at Boca High School in June.

Organizer Faheem Ali says the event is more than just football. It's about giving student athletes the tools to stay on track through college. They're focusing on middle school students because it may be too late in high school.

"When we start them early which is sixth, seventh and eighth grade, and we give them that real true taste of being a student athlete in college, they wind up being on that track, so that's what the Future Stars Game is all about," Ali said. The players will be wearing V7 Nike gear.

The games will take place June 16 at Boca High School. The 6th grade team plays at noon. The 7th grade team kicks off at 2:30 p.m. And the 8th graders will play at 5 p.m., Ali said. The students will stay at FAU and get a full college experience.