Shaq stops at crash scene in Florida

Shaq tops at crash scene in Florida. (Alachua County Sheriff's Office)

When he drove the lane, basketball star Shaquille O'Neal at seven-foot-one and more than 300 pounds, just moved people out of the way.

Now retired, and when driving along Florida's highways, Shaq is showing a different side.

Proof of that happened on I-75 in Alachua County on Monday.

The Hall of Fame basketball player witnessed a crash and stopped to make sure the victims were okay. The motorist had a blown tire. This happened as deputies with the Alachua County Sheriff's Office pulled up. Shaq gave them a fist bump before driving away.

The deputies shared a video of the encounter on Facebook.

Shaq has been known for his goodwill. He helped pay for the funeral of a Florida high school football player

He donated a year's worth of rent to the family of a boy in Atlanta paralyzed after a shooting.

And he teamed up with Jamie Foxx and Lil Pump to FaceTime with Adrian Zamarripa. You may remember the little boy in Utah wanted to drive to California in his parents' car to buy a Lamborghini. A luxury car dealer in Malibu invited Adrian to sit in some pricey rides. Shaq and the others chatted with him during the experience.